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  • Hegina Rodrigues

"I learn fearlessness from the kids I teach"

Rodrigues has led students of all ages on their own art journey

Rodrigues thinks of what she does as not teaching in a conventional sense but rather inspiring students to think in a wider range. She shows them interesting artist's work, and provides photos, fabrics, paint and other eclectic materials to expose them to new ideas and unusual ways of creating.

Project 1: Self portraits from Pre-Kindergarten children, ages 3 to 5:

These remarkable self-portraits were created by a diverse group of early learner students from the Early Childhood Academy/Kids Zone at The Historic Osborn School in the city of Lake Worth, Florida.

A photograph was taken and placed on recycled card board so that the young students could better understand and relate to the project. They were asked to try and complete the other half of the portrait by bringing attention to color of the eyes, hair textures while also being encouraged to let their imagination run wild to use colors of their preferences. Books of Marc Chagall, and Picasso were introduced to show unlimited choice of colors and styles.

Students fearlessly surprised and gifted me with this brilliant positive outcome. Works were successfully exhibited at The Gallery at Resource Depot in West Palm Beach, Florida.


This project was done by elementary school students at a private summer camp class at The Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach Florida; students were introduced and learned about painter Jean-Michele Basquiat and were asked to make their own version of his works. Works were exhibited at The Armory Art Center Gallery at the end of the summer term.


Freda Kahlo was introduced to elementary school age students at a private summer camp class at The Armory Art Center with this beautiful outcome of works.

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