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  • Hegina Rodrigues

Intuition and human impulse

I think of myself as an intuitive artist, I paint the figure bringing focus to emotions rather than the dynamics of the body. I am an artist without any formal training.

Growing up in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil as a child I had no exposure to art nor art materials , I had zero contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions so I had to rely on my imagination to create and in my magical surroundings for inspiration. My curiosity and desire to make art surpassed all of the practical rules of creating, It compelled me to illustrate mental state, unconventional ideas, and fantasy worlds.

As an abstract expressionist my art is brought forth directly from intuition, human impulse, I try to stay true to myself, to what I know while I constantly evolve as an artist. Art for me is a private language a mean of communication.

Having traveled the world extensively observing different cultures has influenced my work.

I have been working with children of all ages for many years throughout the communities where I have lived worldwide spreading what I know and passing on different ways of creating and how to use eclectic/unconventional materials to make art, I like to inspire children to be fearless, to express, to dare to create, to have a voice through art.

For a few decades I have been a yoga instructor, I like to inspire people of all ages with body and breathe movement, to become more present.

I like to think that throughout my life I have inspired many to move, to create, to express through art, to know you can.

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