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  • Hegina Rodrigues

Yoga. Art. Breathe.

I had my first experience with the practice of yoga when a Chicago friend invited me to a class he thought I would love. One class was all it took for me to fall in love with the body movement, concentration, coordination, endurance and perseverance.

The discipline was always there for me to return to when I most needed.

Since then I have completed a few teacher’s training courses in different lines of yoga, and in different parts of the world.

My approach to yoga is eclectic as in my approach to painting, I improvise, seek many influences, keep things moving and fluid, learning from students and from other teachers aiming to inspire and remaining always a beginner, a student.

I often use body movements before starting a painting to loosen up, to reconnect, to bring forth the energy necessary to express, to be in the zone, to transport myself from the outside world into the silence of my studio where I become one with my art. It is in that space of body and mind that I can create.

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